What Are Some of the Best Ways to Get Promoted in Accounting?

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Several factors make you more likely to advance in your accounting career and get promoted. First, it’s critical to enjoy your job and the company you work for. This is an important aspect of the job search process – finding the right fit and connecting with the culture of a company from the beginning. If you’re not keen on the company or your manager, there’s no way to hide it – even your body language will reveal your true feelings.


In addition, having the right certifications will put you in higher demand. Whether it’s CPA or CIA, those credentials help you rise to the top.


Another essential aspect of an excellent job performance is developing positive relationships with your colleagues and managers. Having a strong network and good relations with your management will prove you are an asset and you will more likely be suggested for positions that open up within the company. It’s also probable that they will put their name on the line to support you when you’re due for a promotion.

Hard Work

Finally, good, old-fashioned hard work goes a long way towards ensuring your success. Put in the time and do your job well; be invested in your work and your results will shine. Don’t stay glued to your cell phone all the time at work! Staying focused on your goals while you are in the office shows your high-level of professionalism.

So, if you want to move up the corporate ladder, start by working for a company that you are passionate about and get the professional credentials that will keep you in demand. Network with colleagues and management and foster good relationships; work hard and stay focused on the quality of your results.

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