The Interview: Best Practices to Make a Great Impression

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For many, the in-person job interview is considered the most stressful part of applying for a new job. You are walking into a situation where people will automatically form opinions and ask unpredictable questions. Here are a few tips and tricks for making a great impression at an interview:

It’s a Date… for Work

Don’t just throw on any old outfit for your interview, treat it like a date. You want to make sure you are properly groomed and wear appropriate clothes that make you feel confident. The rule of thumb is to wear a step above normal day-to-day business attire. If they are wearing casual clothes, you should go in business casual. The only exception to this rule is if you are applying for a manager’s position; in that case, you should wear a suit.

Learn About the Company

You do not have to know every detail about the company beforehand but having some knowledge of the company’s history and recent successes will show that you are genuinely interested. The interviewer will know that you have done your research, making you an even stronger candidate. This will also help you to think of thoughtful and engaging questions to ask the interviewer when the appropriate time comes.

Connect, Connect, Connect

Find some common ground with the interviewer. It could be that you attended the same college or that you root for the same sports team. Whatever it is, it will help build bonds of trust and raises your chances of being remembered when it comes time for them to make a decision.

Be Focused and Watch Your Posture

Avoid doing anything that looks like you are not interested in the interview. Do not look at your watch or phone, fidget, or show any signs that you are easily distracted. Pay attention to how you sit and speak, ensuring that your non-verbal cues match your verbal communication.

With these simple reminders, you are set for a great interview that will help you stand out from the bunch.

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