Life After Public Accounting in Audit – Where Do I Go from Here?

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After working in public accounting, you may feel that you want a change of pace or that you’re ready to face new challenges. How can you leverage your work experience? Having a CPA license in addition to the skills you’ve garnered in public accounting can open other doors for you and take you down exciting paths. Here’s a rundown of some of those possibilities:

Internal Audit

The best way of learning a company from the ground up is through an internal audit rotational program. Most Fortune 500 companies use internal audit as a feeder into the rest of the organization. After a rotational program of 18-24 months in Internal Audit, you will have the opportunity to transition into another area of the company – finance, accounting, operations, etc. This is a great way to pivot away from audit into another discipline.

Accounting Advisory

Accounting advisory roles within consulting firms still give you a client-facing experience and you will have the opportunity to work on interesting advisory engagements that include: M&A support, IPO readiness, FP&A, SEC Reporting, etc. In addition to being able to work on a variety of different projects, you will have the luxury of being exposed to many industries. With no designated busy seasons, these roles offer a great alternative to audit.

Corporate Accounting

Lastly, you might consider working in a corporate setting. These positions allow a work/life balance that is highly sought after and can offer much more consistency in your work schedule compared to professional services. Some options include:

  • Accounting
  • Controllership
  • SEC Reporting

Experience as a CPA can put you on track for a variety of exciting opportunities in accounting and finance.

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