How to Attract & Retain Top Accounting Talent

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Today’s most successful companies focus extensively on employee retention because of high turnover and easy access to employment opportunities through job sites.

The world’s best-known brands have developed ‘Unique Employee Propositions’ that they proudly suggest is their secret to a loyal workforce. Below, we highlight some of the tools organizations can use for attracting and retaining top talent in the accounting field.



Adding a performance-based compensation structure helps challenge your employees to reach their highest potential. The sense of accomplishment is derived from bonuses and promotions that are earned through hard work and dedication.

Career Advancement

Employees who want to build their career within an organization constantly look for advancement opportunities. Good managers transfer ownership. This helps team members learn, grow, and take up more responsibilities to advance within.


Company culture plays an essential role in employee satisfaction. An organization that values teamwork and fosters employee ideas builds loyalty. Providing incentives such as annual bonuses and referral fee programs can make a significant difference in employee retention and satisfaction.


Holding off praise until annual reviews may not be a wise decision. Employees benefit from constant feedback on their work. Positivity and regular assessments build confidence and a sense of ownership. Many employees stay loyal to organizations that value and appreciate their work.


A large segment of the current workforce is millennial employees. They put significant importance on work-life balance. Many organizations today allow their workforce to create their own schedule; they even allow employees to work from home once a week if their timelines are met.


Constantly challenging your employees with different projects helps avoid monotony in their job role. It provides an opportunity to learn and adds excitement to everyday assignments.

Use Technology

Technology goes hand in hand with corporate operations, and accounting is no exception. Investing in the right technology can create efficiency and job satisfaction for your accountants.


In a fast-paced environment where technology is everywhere, employee turnover is a major issue. Accounting firms can retain their employees by valuing their ideas and fostering a culture that promotes a sense of achievement and ownership.

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